What Television Suits you?

Ever since I can remember there has been a television in my house. Technologies have changed a lot from when I was a child starting with the Cathode ray tube television, to the 4k television now. The “tube” television was the popular choice in technology for a long time because it was the only choice. As the digital age began to progress more and more this resulted in the new technologies including plasma, LCD, LED, OLED and 4k. The list goes on for even more television technologies. With this ever-changing flux of television technology, people now have a larger choice to get what they want.

The leading televisions out right now are the LCD and LED. Beginning with the LCD, it is one of the cheaper choices of all the newer technologies and is also good quality. LCD and LED can sometimes be confused, but the main difference is the background lighting. The LCD uses florescent lamps, while the LED television uses Light Emitting Diodes (LED). The LED television has slightly better picture quality and energy efficiency than the LCD. Another edge the LED has is it’s generally slimmer, which can be very convenient. The LCD has the advantage with price because the technology is becoming more common, and it does not fall too far behind the specs of the LED.

A couple of the the newer television technologies are the OLED and 4k tv. The major advantage to the OLED is the energy efficiency. It consumes much less power than its counterparts because they generate light themselves and do not require a backlighting. The OLED is also known to be a thinner and lighter tv than the LED and LCD. As for the 4k tv, it is the newest technology and has the best resolution. The picture quality on this television blows the other out of the water, but there are a couple disadvantages to buying it now. One of them is the price, although it has been dropping, it is still double or triple the amount you’d pay for another HD tv. The major disadvantage I see is you won’t be able to watch anything (tv or movies) with that resolution, unless you have the system that plays 4k movies.

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