What Types of Foods Should We Be Putting in Our Bodies?

Being a college student I know the constant struggle of choosing to eat something unhealthy and cheap or healthy and expensive. I often have trouble resisting unhealthy foods loaded with carbs, fats, and sugars. Those categories of foods can consist of breads, fried and oily foods, and cakes. The list goes on and on with many foods in the grocery store, loaded with fats and sugars. These foods can be dangerous because they lead people on a path to eating more unhealthy foods throughout the day. The truth is, buying fruits and vegetables are an affordable alternative to buying a bag of chips. Chips and other fried foods may taste better, but our bodies will be happier with fresh produce.

One way to keep our bodies healthy is eating more vegetables and fruits, as well as foods with healthy fats such as fish. Eating almost any type of fresh vegetable like green beans, spinach or carrots will be beneficial to your body and supply vitamins A, C, and E. Fruits such as, blueberries and raspberries are good for keeping a healthy cholesterol level. As for fish, fresh tuna and salmon, they are great options because of their healthy omega-3 fatty acids that are good for the skin. Fish may not be the most cheap option but even cooking fresh chicken with light seasoning can be a healthy and high protein alternative. An idea for college students on the go can be a green smoothie. This may not sound appetizing, but with the right ingredients you can have great tasting meal replacement filled with vegetables and fruits.

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