What your body language says about you

Your body language may say more than you may think it does. Your unconscious body language is what can give away your emotions in any given situation. I believe that our eyes are the windows to our souls and our deepest emotions are hidden within them. You can tell a lot about a person by simply looking into their eyes. Did you know that when we are looking at the person we love our eyes tend to dilate? The same happens when we look at someone we hate. You can also tell if someone is lying by looking at their eyes. Did you know that when a person is lying, they have a tendency to look towards the left? When looking to the left that is the brain searching for an answer or an explanation. Although our eyes can give away a lot, there are many other things to look for in order to define what a person is thinking or feeling. For example when someone tends to look at the floor it’s most likely because they are a shy or timid person. And when someone crosses their arms, this can be a sign that they are self-conscious or that they are trying to hide something. Maybe they feel guarded or that they need to protect themselves. A confident person will always stand tall and hold their head high. Also our feet can give away a lot as well. It is said that where ever our feet are pointed to that is the place we are looking to go to go or are interested in. If your feet point towards someone then that is who you are interested in. It’s funny to think of all of the above mentioned and how we actually do this without even trying. The next time you converse with someone look at their body language and signs to be able to tell what they are truly feeling.

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