What’s Done in the Dark Comes into Light

For as long as we have known, the government has been very secretive with specific aspects of their work. They share what they want to share with the people and hide what they want to keep to themselves. Area 51 is the perfect example. This has been the target of many conspiracy theories within the government. No one except for high government officials, like the President, knows what exact goes on in Area 51. They have gone so far to keep this a secret that even planes are not allowed to fly over it and they have ways to make sure of this. This was just an illustration how secretive our government is.

However, with the help of the Internet, we as people have been able to get a hold of more information about our government and their doings than we ever could have before. We deserve to know about a lot of things that are going on in our nation and also in our world. The Internet has allowed us to reach out to other countries in need because with it, we found out that they needed help. It has also opened up our eyes to what is going on here at home in the US. This happened with the creation of WikiLeaks. Secret documents have been posted online for the world to see and this caused chaos. Many government officials said it violated the Espionage Act, but many regular citizens found it interesting. They felt as though they knew the agendas of the different governments around the world and could create an opinion on if they are “right” or “wrong.”

As the Internet grows and more technology comes about, I feel as though the world will be so informed that it will be hard for the government to keep as many secrets as they could before. You know what they say: “what’s done in the dark will eventually come to light.”

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