When the “silly piggies” make you the “silly piggie”

As of late, if one were to pay a mere five minutes’ worth of attention to the news they would immediately become informed of all of the atrocities and horror stories curing in the world. If the listened for just a minute more, they would realize that a lot of it occurs in our very country. While most of it has been racially fueled, a lot it has to do with the law enforcement of this country. Too many times within the past couple of years, have we heard of people dying unnecessarily, whether it be by the hands of law enforcement itself, or due to the lack of assistance by law enforcement. This has put many of the citizens on edge, fearing for their lives when the people designated to help are, at times, the worst people to call. Now of course, this is just another form f discrimination derived of on the distrust of officers, and one with a speck of rationality has to know that not all cops are the same. Yet, officers are losing respect and trust around the country amongst citizens.

In Wayne, New Jersey early Monday morning, that lack of respect proved apparent from 25 year old Hayley Oates. Oates was arrested by authorities for filing a false police report and then mocking them on social media by calling them “silly piggies”. Oates attempted to distract the police department with a fake emergency call around 3:1 in the morning, so that she could drive home without the chance of receiving a DUI. Officers apparently responded to a call saying a woman was being attacked in the parent lot of Mothers Ale House, but found nothing when they arrived. Oates then turned to social media to boast about the situation, which was then used to track her down.

What’s most disturbing is that Oates found it acceptable to call the authorities on a false alarm, not only distract them from the other more important and real calls, and also so that she could drive home under the influence , putting not only her and her passengers lives in danger but potentially other residents. The mere fact that she found it necessary to boast b on social media as if it could never be tracked back to her, was a performance of stupidity. Oates, arrested on Thursday is being charged with filing a false report and creating false public alarm.

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