When Twenty-Four Hours Isn’t Enough: How to Manage Our Time

There are twenty-four hours in a day. This seems like plenty of time, but for some of us, this is just not enough. As a college student, I know that time management is a necessity to be able to survive through the day. Most of us have to balance classes and the work they require, jobs, clubs and other activities we are involved in, and lets not forget getting a necessary amount of sleep. Forget the time it takes for most of us to get a decent meal or fitting in a workout, we just are too busy. It is a part of the transition into true adulthood. Instead of becoming stressed about the things we have on our plate, it is necessary to develop and practice good time management. This will allow manageable stress.

A big part of being able to not allow us to be overwhelmed is to write things down! We do not allow our brains enough slack. When we think of things, we should write it, giving us the ability to keep other things on the mind. It is easy to forget when we are trying to balance multiple things.

Another skill that really helps is making a daily schedule or to do list. Everyday I make a note in my phone of all the things I need to do, including homework, meetings, class times and deadlines I need to meet. I place each one in order of when I will do it and distinctively mark anything of critical importance or things I can do the next day.

Our smartphones also have many tools that allow us to practice time management. Calendar and reminder apps are just two utilities that most of the time automatically come installed on the phone. There are also apps to be downloaded.

The feeling of getting tasks accomplished and completed is a great feeling. It will allow us a feeling a achievement. It is important to limit the distractions we may endure. Turning our phones on silent and blocking Twitter and Facebook temporarily will also aid us in managing our time.

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