Where are the editors?

Newspapers are put in a tough spot. How do editors get their story out before others and be able to spend the time needed to critique it?

In The Quality-Control Quandary, Stepp focuses on newspapers progression of losing their editors because the need is no longer as present. Writers are sending their stories out for the mass population without the approval and review of these editors. I have to ask myself, “Are we, as the audience, getting the short end of the straw?”

I have two go-to online outlets for news. When comparing,  I can’t help but notice how one is significantly more detailed than the other. One was posted later in the day after I had read the other, but this specific article is the news outlet I associate with good reports as a result of their detailed information. Also, there are less grammatical mistakes. To me, it says something when there is an error in a newspaper article. I know this is just a simple mistake, but I associate this with sloppiness.

I have probably made plenty of grammatical errors in this blog. However, my point is, without review can we improve? If a writer is making the same mistakes and has no editor to change these mistakes are we getting the same problems each issue?

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