Who Prefers Nature Over Technology These Days?

With technology at the touch of our fingertips, it is easy to revolve your life around it. Millions of kids, students, adults, and grandparents use the computer every day. Yet, many people seem to believe that my age group is so engulfed in the digital world. Of course, there are many people who love to take classes online and create their own websites but there are others who have no idea how to even surf the web. This belief that we all hate books and would rather read off of our Kindle is completely irrational.

Of course, young adults enjoy social networking to stay in contact with friends with sites such as Facebook, but to refer to my generation as “Digital Natives” is a silly remark. When reading, “Generational Myth” I realized how often I read things that say “kids these days” accompanied by some bias fact. I can definitely understand how people are so easy to believe that my age group does nothing but sit online lurking Youtube but there are just as many people who still enjoy opening an old book and taking long bike rides. For example, my neighbors barely spend any time in their house. They are always out enjoying nature and skateboarding around town with their friends. Also, my roommate is so technology-disabled that she cannot even figure out how to register for classes online. This generation is so different from one another and it is a very broad statement to say that we are all tech-savvy. It saddens me that older people think of us as brainwashed kids who only enjoy playing games on our smart phones. When in fact, I truly wish cell phones didn’t even exist. Life was much simpler back when we didn’t have as much technology.  There are many times when I go days without my phone and it is extremely relaxing. Just remember that there are many of us out there who do not care about what the newest app or invention is, we just want to live simply.

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