Who Spends Time Alone These Days?

These days, as the waiter brings out our food, we have our phones out ready to take a photo and upload it to Instagram. It is the norm to check-in at every place we go and let others know our every move. With sites like Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook we can easily check up on our friends to see how their life is going and what they have been up to. With this technology in the back of our pocket, we are literally never alone. I am constantly getting text messages throughout the day, talking to my friends about their day and sending photos of what I see.

Even though I enjoy talking to my friends throughout the day, I definitely need my alone time. Most people cannot go to lunch without a friend accompanying them but I am the complete opposite. I think it is completely unhealthy to be dependent on others at all times. Technology has made people so dependent on others. When reading, “The End of Solitude” I realized how people these days care so much about what others think. We are constantly uploading pictures of places we’ve been, or updating their status stating what they got on their test that day. Long were the days when letters were a form of communication and we could roam freely without worrying about a candid photo being taken of us. We all need to take some time away from our smart phones and enjoy the world around us. Lately, my neighbors and I have been going on walks for hours through Jay Blanchard Park and we do not bring any cellular devices with us. It is very relaxing and even though I am with others, it stills feels more alone than with the whole world at my fingertips on my iPhone.

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