Whole Foods Market; Lack of Integrity?

Whole Foods Market is a big name in America well known for carrying a wide variety of products from natural body products, vitamins, flowers and foods both natural and organic. With the many food allergies that many Americans have such as wheat or soy, there are those packaged products that are clearly labeled as ‘Gluten-Free’. However, what about those that are GM (genetically modified)? How about those products that are GE (genetically engineered)?  The article I came across was all about how the USDA practically has forced Whole Foods Market into accepting Monsanto and their GM/GE foods.  This has been an ongoing battle for 12 years from over 25,000 organic farms and ranches and now the consumers are being betrayed.  Companies such as Whole Foods Market has long been known for standing for natural and wholesome products. When teaming up with Monsanto, it is to say that they are going against everything their company once stood for.

According to the article, it stated that Whole Foods, Organic Valley as well as Stonyfield Farm have decided to “surrender to Monsanto”. It also went along to state that these companies also “no longer oppose the mass commercialization of GE crops.


It appears to me that at the end, it has come down to the power behind the money. In the documentary Food Inc., it clearly gave the American audience a perspective on the food industry and how top companies that are all under Monsanto’s wing run it. Monsanto has all the influence it does thanks to the ties it has with the USDA. The article states that Whole Foods Market is going against their standard of seed purity with Monsanto by requesting compensation. It also stated that large organic companies such as Whole Foods and others are no longer anti-GMO and are “cutting off all funding to campaigns working to label or ban GMOs.” I’m left to wonder how could customers of Whole Foods continue to shop there not knowing if the food they are purchasing is genetically modified or engineered in some way. I understand that there not everyone is concerned about genetically modified foods but it doesn’t make it right to keep those who want to know in the dark. I believe not many of Americans understand what it is exactly to have a genetically modified or engineered food. It is the way that a company such as Monsanto can have such a major influence over the food industry all because it has the power of the government behind them.  The more Monsanto expands, the more organic foods are at risk as well. We have a right to know what is in our foods and slowly but surely, that right will be non-existent.

Article found on fitlife.com

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