Why American Hustle shouldn’t win Oscar for Best Director

This year there are several great films that have been nominated for Oscars. Some of them include “Gravity”, “12 Years a Slave”, and many more. Of those I believe there is one that shouldn’t make the cut for receiving an Oscar for best director, and that would be American Hustle. It was dull and especially not funny.

The movie itself was extremely dull in my opinion. I had a hard time trying to keep track of what was going on. For example in the film it follows two con artists who were caught by the FBI and were enlisted to catch crooked politicians. Now with that being said after watching the movie I couldn’t tell you anything more then that. It was so hard to watch the movie because it felt like a sequence of scenes matched up instead of a plot.

My next point is that it was not funny at all. The film was listed as a comedy and as I was watching it I think I might have chuckled maybe four times through out the entire movie. I even thought the first time i watched it that it was a drama, but when someone pointed out that it was a comedy I couldn’t believe it. A film listed as a comedy that couldn’t deliver to make an audience laugh is a complete failure. And for that film to be nominated for best director is astounding.

I don’t feel that the director did a good enough job to win the Oscar.  I especially think that there were better movies that should have deserved it more than American Hustle. I feel that the movie didn’t deliver in the slightest and was entertaining and should not win best director for those reasons.


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