Why Daylight Saving Time is Better than Standard Time.

On November 1st we returned to standard time, and left the blissful days of daylight savings behind. Only a week in, and I already long for the days where the sun would watch over me late into the evenings. Everyone has their preference, and I make no bones about mine being for daylight savings. Days where you can squeeze out every hour of productivity, and watch the sunset as you return home.

This isn’t to say that I loathe standard time. It has its perks. For one, it marks the return of the cooler months. The temperature is far more pleasant, and there is no better companion than a crisp breeze. It’s just that the days seem as though they are gone before I can appreciate their arrival. I recognize the true blame lies with my lackadaisical youth, content to sleep in until noon. If I was an “early bird” perhaps the time change wouldn’t be so bothersome, maybe I would even prefer it. A reward for my resolve and discipline to wake up at seven sharp every morning. However, as it stands I am in a constant race to complete my day’s goals in this standard time.

It’s not unlikely that this is a grass is always greener scenario. In a couple months when it is time to return to daylight savings I may boon the transition back. A bridge not yet crossed so today I conclude my love letter to daylight savings with a succinct “I miss you.”

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