Why wearing your seatbelt is important

The other day I watched a video on the safeties of wearing our seat belts while in a vehicle. This video showed the difference between commercials in the US and in Europe persuading the use of a seat belt. In the United States the video showed “Click it or ticket” as a method to scare people into wearing their seat belts. On the other hand in Europe the video indicated how a seat belt can be the difference between life and death. The seat belt is meant to save our lives not our pockets from receiving costly fines. Seat belts should always be worn because wearing them is the easiest way to prevent serious injuries or even death in the case of an automobile accident. Although most accidents happen within 3 miles of your home it does not mean that it will not be a fatal one. We all have an 80 percent of a chance of being in an automobile accident at some point in our lives. One hundred percent seat belt use could save between 76,000 each year, according to Allen F. Williams, Vice President of Research at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Imagine that, a seat belt could have saved these individuals lives. The video really showed the human side of why we should all dedicate that extra five seconds to putting on our seat belts. Not only will we receive a ticket if caught without wearing our seat belts but it may also be the only thing keeping you from entering heavens gates a bit too early. You may be saving your life by remembering to wear it, so do it!

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