Why You Should be on Pinterest

So we have reached the week of Thanksgiving. I am constantly being bombarded by Facebook statuses of people telling me how they “just got home” like that is something that is really important for me to know this Thanksgiving. Is there one that may serve a real purpose for me this Thanksgiving?  Many of times you can argue that social media is merely just entertainment and a way to connect to others. How often is social media that important to what you are doing in your life?

I am currently getting into the media outlet of Pinterest. Now, this is a media site that I can see having real purpose. I have never been much of a cook before, but now I am pinning all sorts of recipes to my profile. With these new recipes I am becoming a pretty decent cook. How convenient is it to just go on your computer or app on your mobile phone and look through recipes to make for dinner? I absolutely love it. If I want to make a great macaroni and cheese I simply search for “best mac n cheese” and so many different recipes to choose from. Keeping in mind that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, it is so convenient to be able to find the best new Thanksgiving recipes and even share them with others.

If you have used this site you know that it is not just for recipes. You can find almost anything on this website. If you want recipes, crafts, workouts, cute animal pictures or anything else Pinterest is the site to visit.

Many social media sites seem to live short lives and people move on to the next trend. However, I see Pinterest as potentially being around for a long while as it seems to serve not just a social aspect but a practical aspect as well.

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