Will Technology and the Advancement of Computers Take Over the Role Human Existence?

Is the rapid advancement of technology going to completely replace humans?
It’s safe to say that humans have been the evolution of life and the reason our society is so advanced and equipped with technology. However over the last decade computers have enhanced and improved with many different functions and devices. It seems as though humans are putting their trust in these computers. Everything from owning and operating a business, to finding love or communicating with your family and friends is done on a computer. Every year there is a new model or function added on to the computer in order to make human life easier and convenient.
The similarities between humans and computers are a bit scary, that soon computers will have all the basic functions of a human. When it comes to senses humans and computers share, there are three that come to mind: touch, hearing, and sight. For computers, the sense of touch is used with touchscreen monitors and keyboards. The sense of hearing is used with microphones, in which people can request functions in a microphone and the computer can carry out that specific function. The sense of sight is used with webcams; people can communicate with anyone around the world with a webcam.
Humans and computers have many of the same functions which are both necessary in today’s society. Although humans have some functions that computers don’t such as the sense of taste and smell, computers are more advance in the other functions that they share such as memory storage and networking. Having this dependence in technology has made for great advance in society. But will digital maturity total enable us in the long run? Of course these are questions that can only be answered with time. It’s a little frightening to think that technology may run the world.

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