Will Watching Commercials Ever Become the Norm again?

Unlike most people I tend to love watching commercials. I’m not talking about Super Bowl commercials because we all gather around the TV for those and in most cases care more about the commercials than the actual game. I am talking about the commercials that play on TV every day, day after day. I enjoy watching the commercial advertisements that most people fast-forward through when watching on TiVo or DVR. I do have to admit though that sometimes if I’m in a rush or watching TV with other people who are annoyed by commercials I will fast-forward through them. Basically, I really do enjoy TV advertisements. I am not the kind of person who changes the channel during a commercial either. My mom always tells me that when I was little I used to sit with a notepad and write down all of the products she should buy the next time she went to the store. If it were more of an infomercial or As Seen on TV product I would write down the phone number for my mom to call and order the product (since everyone knows you have to be 18 or older to call).  To this day I am the same way. I sometimes tend to think that I am the advertisers best customer. Whenever a new As Seen on TV product comes out I am quick to purchase it, even though it’s normally stuff that doesn’t do what its supposed to do and just ends up in the trash. Although advertisers are probably having a hard time with TV since many people skip through commercials, they should know that someone is still watching!

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