With Your help and Ambert alert we can find any missing child.

This morning I was awoken by my sisters dog Bella barking loudly. I felt as though Bella’s barking was coming from within my dream but I soon realized she had been barking from outside the house. I woke up confused and a bit scared since Bella was supposed to be inside the house. I peeked through the opening of my windows blinds and realized that Bella was barking at my neighbor who was walking down the street with my nephew in hand. I quickly jumped out of my bed and ran outside. My neighbor had seen my nephew strolling down the street all alone and recognized he was the little boy who lives in the dead end. I was extremely grateful that he had brought him back but I started to think of all the dangers that this 2 year old could have faced if he hadn’t been returned safely. We were all asleep inside the house and had no idea that the baby was missing. Today all I kept thinking about was how I can prevent this from happening in the future. I cannot even imagine anything happening to this terrible yet insanely intelligent baby boy. While thinking of all the horrible things that might have happened I noticed an alert come in to my phone, it was an Amber alert. This alert has been set all day for two boys that are missing. A 2 year old and a 4 year old are missing. It is such terrible feeling to know that there is a child missing but at the same time I know that with the Amber alert set these boys have the best chance of being found. The Amber alert works by seeking the public’s assistance in cases where children go missing by providing the boys descriptions and any information regarding the abductor.  In order to find these boys we need everyone’s help to spread the word.  Please help get Cole- 4 yr old and Chase- 2yr old back home safely. I can’t imagine if instead of those boys it would have been my baby (nephew) in those alerts. For more information on the Amber alert please visit www.amberalert.gov

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