Without electricity, we have nothing.

There are seven billion people on earth who use energy each day. Without energy one would not be able to do even the most simplest of tasks like cooking, washing clothes or even having light inside of our homes. The demand for energy is very high. We have grown so accustomed to this way of living that even the thought of being without electricity scares us. In my opinion electricity is the most important function utilized by everyone. I saw a post the other day. It was Facebook saying that they know everyone and Google replying that they know everything, then it shows the internet saying “without me you guys are nothing” followed by electricity laughing while reminding them all that without electricity they are nothing because they cannot exist. This was funny but also very true. Truth is that we take for granted the things that electricity allows us to do on a day to day basis from the moment we wake up. We wake up to the sound of an alarm clock which has been probably charged all night, we shower with warm water, we make our coffee in the electric stove or coffee maker, we head to work but not before setting our security alarms. All of the mentioned things will not be possible without electricity. I know that I am truly grateful for having electricity, without it I would not be able to dry my hair, watch TV, take online classes or even write this blog.

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