Woman Behind False Pop-Up Ads is Fined $163 Million Dollars

One of the most common characteristics of websites such as YouTube, yahoo and the like are pop-ups. Even for music service websites such as Pandora, iTunes and Spotify are known for them as well. However, have you ever seen a pop up that claimed that a virus has extensively affected your computer and that you need coverage immediately?  Well as of today, there has been good news.


The lady that has been behind all of this is Kristy Ross. This article reports that she has flooded the Internet with these false pop-up ads for the last five years. Sure enough, what she has been doing as been illegal and the Federal Trade Commission has fined her a whopping $163 million dollars. The pop-up ads she created would be under the names DriveCleaner, Winfixer, WinAntivirus, WinAntispyware, FreeRepair or System Doctor. Soon after, you are directed to purchase the software for anywhere from $40 to $60 each. Soon after, the article states that over a million people fell as a victim to her scam.


Fortunately she has been caught and the government is cracking on removing the countless pop-ups she has placed all over the internet. There are many safety measures put in place in case if you or someone you know are ever faced with this situation. It is recommended if your computer is not already covered, to make sure you do have an anti-virus program installed. There are many brands out there such as TrendMicro, Norton and McAfee. These programs are geared to protect your computer from viruses and malicious attacks. It can also protect your information such as banking and identity.


The article also states that if you cannot afford programs such as Norton or McAfee, there is a really great option called AVG. It is rated one of the top and the best thing of all, it’s that it’s free!  Please make sure that your computer is always up to date on it’s anti-virus scans to ensure that you and protected at all times.


This article was found on news.yahoo.com

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