Women as sex symbols? What about men?

There’s no doubt that women are incredible sexy creatures and the male population becomes weak to the knees when it comes to their undeniable beauty. Us men will do anything to have women at our finger tips. Most times this tip involves using money, status, and power to objectify women to take off their cloths, and flaunt their god given body parts. All of the leading ladies in big hollywood movies create their names with sex appeal and it seems to be a trend. If you look at the magazine covers, the worldly beloved pop stars, and the reality stars on television, they all share common traits. They are all filled with the media’s idea or beautiful women. These women weigh under 120 pounds, have long wavy hair, are light skinned and literally have paper thin pieces to cover their bodies.

Women know exactly what they have and understand that men want it. To use this to their advantage, women seduce men with their features. But while the world sees fit to speak badly about the women who use what they have to make a living, we fail to see that men do the exact same thing. Whether its starring at the bulging biceps of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), the southern physique of Matthew Mcconaughey, or the cherokee tones of Jacob from twilight, men understand that women like. Women like big, strong, muscular guys and we build our bodies to impress them.

Although its very easy to say that women have little respect for themselves because they choose to show off their bodies, its very hypocritical to act as if men don’t do the same thing. Are men suppose to look muscular and bare their chests randomly, or do we simply modify our appearance to impress the opposite sex. The media portrays women as sex symbols, but I’d argue that men are the same thing and maybe even worse.

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