Working Out & Losing Weight Fast: Benefits of Taking a Cycling Class!

It’s only one hour and your workout for the day is complete! This aerobics class will improve those lazy legs thriving to exercise everyday. While the first couple of classes can be difficult for new beginners, don’t give up, because once you’re over that hill, the ride down is smooth and easy. A challenging hour workout on a spinning cycle can burn as much as 1,400 calories and keeps your body toned and fit.  While other cardio equipment likes the treadmill or stair stepper helps burn calories, the cycling machine is one of the only machines that truly allow an athlete to burn the necessary calories while toning their legs and upper body at the same time. Here I will include three major benefits of why you should take spinning classes when trying to get in shape and remain toned and fit!

Burns Calories: A spinning workout of 60 minutes may allow a person to burn around 1,400 calories which is a huge amount of calories to burn within an hour of cardio exercise compared to other cardio workouts. While the amount of calories one burn does depend on the level of intensity they are on, people can adjust their bikes to become much more intensified to help burn more calories.

Builds Muscle Tone: This spinning workout not only allows a person to burn an enormous amount of calories in one cycling class, but it also helps build some muscle tone. This workout puts a major focus on the core muscles of the lower body, more specifically including the buttocks and thighs. While constantly increasing and decreasing the tension of the bike, the body is able to burn fat faster while toning the muscles. While positioning yourself in different levels the body is also able to help build upper body strength and toning as well.

Helps Build Mental Strength: Taking a spinning class not only allows for a great workout, but it is a great way to relax your mind. By putting your body through a strenuous spinning workout it allows the physical exertion to become a catharsis for releasing pent-up emotions which gives you that feeling of relief after working out.

So next time you decide to go to the gym sign up for a spin class and sweat, tone, and relieve your body to a more strengthened and toned body!

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