World Cup Soccer Ball Will Have Camera’s Built Into It

            For the first time ever Adidas has created a ball that can record it’s point of view. The ball is designed to hold six high definition GoPro cameras in it. The ball size hasn’t changed and will be used to record the World Cup in Brazil. Adidas is calling it the Brazucam.

            This technology will be interesting to see during real time games. The chance to see the ball being hit and flying right into the net as the balls view would be an interesting choice to show. Adidas plans on using the ball around the world until it reaches the World Cup in Brazil.

            This new technology could be used for other sports. Think of the possibilities of using this in a football. Seeing a side shot of the football as it reaches it’s player, or a field goal. Another great sport this could be used for is Volleyball. The chance to see if the ball hit the line or not could be done by the view of the ball now instead of weird angles that stand alone cameras take.

            How will this effect player’s playing the game? The ball now has small holes where the camera is and the weight of the ball has to be heavier now. Could this affect the way a player kicks the ball when he hits the hole in the ball? I’m sure this issue will come up when it gets closer to the World Cup in Brazil. If only they came out with this sooner when 3D sports was starting this would have been great to see on a 3D TV.

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