You won’t believe what is in it: Avocados.

For those of us who love avocados and love to try and be healthy, I have the perfect solution. Replace butter and possibly other ingredients with avocados. That’s right, I did indeed say avocados. Avocados have been referred to as “God’s green butter”. Many of your favorite desserts could get a healthy makeover thanks to of the green stuff we call “Avocados”. The 3 ways I’m going to show you will pack more than just omega-3s and vitamins, the avocado makes them creamier and even more delicious.

Use them in smoothies in place of yogurt. If you’ve ever gotten used to a smoothie with yogurt, you know that creamy texture is hard to beat. And sure, bananas can lend that same creamy flavor, but sometimes you don’t want a smoothie to taste like bananas, and some of us don’t want all that sugar all the time, right? Well just 1/4 an avocado will do! It will give that same creamy, thick texture, but without the sugar and dairy.

Whip them into a batch of brownies and forget the butter. We all love sweet desserts, especially brownies. So what better way to eat them, then by making them healthy. BY adding avocados in place of butter or oil it makes them richer and provides that fatty flavor like butter and oil but without any negative health risks. Plus, they’re tasteless in the overall recipe itself.

Lastly, you can make them into mousse.You won’t need need for milk or cream. Avocados are a great way to make a healthy dessert like mousse that tastes like the rich, creamy pudding like dessert you’ve always loved. They help lend that whipped, fluffy texture. Also, it adapts to the flavor of whatever other ingredients you use in the mix.

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