Zimmerman makes headlines with domestic violence charges

George Zimmerman has been in the media spotlight for more than a year now, and is once again making headlines, this time for charges from his wife claiming domestic violence. Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie Zimmerman, called 911 and claimed her husband had a gun and was threatening her and her father. Police showed up to the scene, and nobody pressed any charges.

Tensions have been high between George and Shellie Zimmerman for a while now. The couple filed for divorce last week. Today’s altercation was just further proof that the former couple needs distance from one another. It seems to me that Shellie overreacted a little bit during the incident. She claimed on the 911 call that George pulled a gun on her and her father, but when police arrived she admitted she never actually saw a gun. George does have a concealed weapon permit, but his attorney made it clear that George’s gun never left its holster during the whole incident.

George Zimmerman had managed to keep where he’s been hiding out a secret for almost a year, but after today’s incident it is now public knowledge. This, plus the estrangement from his wife, means George will have to find a new secret hideout soon. George has also had several news stories going around about him lately dealing with some traffic violations. I honestly feel a little bad for the guy. His trial is over, and he has to live with what happened for the rest of his life, and there’s still media watching his every step.


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