14 Year Old Arrested for Bringing a Homemade Digital Clock to School.

Fourteen year old high school freshman arrested for bringing a homemade digital clock to school. Texas teenager Ahmed Mohamed build a homemade digital clock with wires and circuit boards (inside a metal case) and took it to school to impress his teachers; however, to Mohamed’s surprise the clock was not received how he was expecting. One of Ahmed’s teachers thought it was a bomb and alerted authorities. The teenager was suspended from MacArthur High School for three days and was arrested.

Some say the teen was profiled and that this event would have never happened if his name was not Ahmed Mohamed. The incident took over social media, quickly becoming a trend with hashtags like #ISTANDWITHAHMED. With all that social media exposure Twitter took notice and invited him to intern with them, Google asked him to go to their science fair, Mark Zuckerberg asked him to visit Facebook, and President Barack Obama tweeted “Cool clock Ahmed, want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great” just to mention a few.

The minor stated that he was scared and never thought he would end up in jail, but now feels really happy about the support he is receiving all over the world through social media.  Ahmed’s parents are looking for different schools because after such an unfortunate event they do not want their fourteen year old going back to MacArthur High School.  In spite of such a series of unfortunate events Ahmed is happy and says that he will continue to build and invent because it is his passion/hobby.

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