TomorrowWorld Festival is more than a destination… it’s an experience like no other.

Tomorrowworld is coming to Chattahoochee, Georgia this weekend. What’s Tomorrowworld you might ask? Tomorrowworld is an EDM music lover and ravers fantasy destination. There you will experience eight stages with different DJs by the hours filled with different genres. Oh, and this isn’t just a one day event its three days of great music and positive energy. For those staying in Dreamville (the camp site where ravers have the option to stay throughout the weekend) the festivities are four days because they are greeted with a per- party a night before the actually event takes place.

Tomorroworld is the America version of the ever famous Tomorrowland in Belgium. Same concept but Tomoroworld wanted to send a message to the rest of the festivals that they are here to stay. They did this by making the event 21 and over, which allows for a more mature crowed. They cut out a big target market 18-20 but they stuck by what they believed would allow for the best experience for all, and they were right. Many my go to mark it off their bucket list but all will go to enjoy the truly unique experience you get with people from around the world in a positive environment all enjoying the same thing. When is the last time you can say you went to an event where 100,000 plus attended and there were zero incidences reported? Well, at Tomorrowworld that is a reality. A place where once strangest can become your best friend in a matter of hours. Where memories that last a life time are created, and zero regrets or judgments of decisions made while there.

There is a down side to what seems like a fantasy. The amount of walking you do is worse than a day at Disney. One man even reported on year he walk 18 miles at the festival, and that was just the first day. Tomorrowworld is set on an 8,000 acre farm. They do this to create a world of its own. Away from civilization, where you can escape reality. So, if walking it’s an issue for you Tomorroworld just might be your next fantasy.



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