2012 Presidential Race Proved a Polarized Nation

On Tuesday night, there were many Americans who tuned in to await the results of whom would take on the next four years as President of the United States. There were reports primarily here in Florida of the extremely long lines making people wait on average of 3 hours and even more in many cases. It was a close and tight race of who would get 270 electoral votes. However, we now know the outcome of that race which came around 11:15pm that President Barack Obama has been elected to his second term in office.


The article touches on the topic of how did America become so polarized. It appeared that it either weighed one way or the other and at the end it proved how the country was literally divided in the vote for both candidates. It proved to also be a sign of the democratic and republican party as being torn, for the fact that there was not a greater than half who was in favor for either party. The article also stated the fact that even though President Barack Obama who the electoral vote, when looked upon the map, a vast majority of the country were in red and wanted Romney, and the East and West Coast were in favor of Obama. In light of this situation, it has brought about the task that both Democrats and Republicans must work together closely to press through in finding solutions for delicate issues primarily of the economy, health care and issues of the like.


The article also stated that within the idea of putting through the health care reform with Obama Care, it appears that it is 50-50 as well.  So the election has been a clear indication that not only is the nation polarized in regards to which they voted for in the Presidential race, but the issues are reflecting the same qualities as well.


News article was found on news. yahoo.com

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