2014 Best Cities To Live In The U.S.

As Floridians, its hard to imagine any place better to live than in the Sunshine State itself, home to year round warmth, sunny skies, and a diverse population. But Livablitly.com has a list of the top 10 best cities to live inside the U.S. So, here are the cities that are better than yours…unless you live there now.

10. Reno, NV- With a quick commute, a small city with a big city feel, and mountainous scenery, Reno is a top pick in Nevada.

9. Eugene, OR- Home to The University of Oregon, Eugene boast a moderate year round climate and many outdoor amenities for the outdoorsman in everyone.

8. Salte Lake City, UT- This city’s beautiful scenery, down home feel and strong support of local business make it a solid place to raise a family.

7. Rochester, MN- Rochester is home to the Mayo Clinic and with a younger more vibrant population, the downtown scene and social scene has perked up in recent years.

6. Miami Beach, FL- From the beach to the shopping to the exquisite cuisine, Miami Beach is where its at if you want to live the best of the Florida life, including a diverse demographic.

5. Madison, WI- Madison ranks as a top college town, and with great health care and vibrant social scene, its not hard to see why it stays in the top ten year after year.

4. Durham, NC- Durham boasts a strong technology economy and its a foodies dream city.

3. Berkely, CA- Berkely is maintaining its rooted culture scene but add on a growing social scene and an energetic downtown and its a winner.

2. Boulder, CO- Boulder is your best bet for outdoor activities with so much to do. The shopping is marquee also.

1. Palo Alto, CA- Mild winter, a thriving technology hub, and home to Stanford, Palo Alto is the #1 city to live in the U.S.


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