Never Sleep On The Heat

With the regular season winding down to the end, and playoff match ups being set, people are starting to look at the light at the end of the tunnel and wondering who this year’s NBA champions will be. My personal pick still has not changed since the beginning of the year; it is still the Miami Heat.

Now while I could just go off about how they are the most formidable because they have LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, and how a healthy Heat offense and their suffocating defense makes them favorites, I will not. In fact, the reason why I think the Heat are favorites goes far beyond technicalities of this sort.

After 3 straight finals appearances and 2 straight titles, if we all learned a lesson from this team is that they must NEVER be slept on. I think what makes the Heat the best team in the league despite their lower-ranked record this season, is that they are hands down the most resilient team in the NBA. That is probably the main reason why people should fear them. There has already been so many times where ESPN analysts have been on the record saying the Heat are finished when faced with elimination, and someway, somehow, they always emerge the victors. This was proved in 2012’s game 6 at Boston, where the Heat were on the verge of elimination at the TD Garden, or more specifically game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals, where the Spurs were seconds away from taking the title, and Ray Allen’s dagger three-pointer sent the game into overtime, ultimately winning it.

This year, many believe that because of the way they have been playing as of late and their “not-so-amazing” record that they do not have what it takes anymore. But remember, this team lives only for the playoffs. The regular season is but a preparation for the sprint to be the first team to win 16 games.

Like I said, if they are relatively healthy and playing well, never EVER sleep on the Miami Heat.

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