2014 FIFA World Cup: The Ideal Final

When people talk about the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil, they are often caught discussing who the the potential winner would be. But what about the stuff in between? For example, what would be the ideal matchup for the final?

That is a question people are often very biased in answering because they want to support their home country, whether it is Spain, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, etc. But the simple unbiased answer to that question has to undeniably be Argentina vs. Brazil. For those who do not know, the soccer history between the two nations has been one of fierce competition and a desperate yearn to be the best soccer nation in South America.

The statistics also show the historic tug of war that has been ongoing for decades. The two teams have played a total of 95 matches, Argentina having won 36 and Brazil 35 (with 24 draws). That is a shockingly even number when taking into account that these matches go all the way back to 1914.

However, the most appealing fact of this possible matchup are the circumstances under which it would be played. The fact that the World Cup will take place in Brazilian soil not only means that for Brazil it is a championship or bust situation, but it also means that this is a huge opportunity for Argentina to win not only in the soil of its sworn soccer enemy, but in front of thousands of Argentine fans that will cross the border to witness this clash of giants. Not to mention that Argentina has the undisputed top player in the world in Lionel Messi, but Brazil also has the rising star, and Messi’s Barcelona team mate Neymar Da Silva Santos Jr. (commonly known as just Neymar).

Thus, this possible finals match is not only shaping up to be an incredible match, but also one of the most important sporting events in ever, due to the history between the two nations and everything that is at stake. All we have to hope is that both teams stay healthy, and, of course, that they both reach the finals.

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