2016 Taco Bell Quesalupa Super Bowl Commercial Combines All The Latest Trends With The Latest Celebrities

The first thing I noticed from the commercial is the kid from vine, Hayes Grier, I though that was really cool for a social media star to be featured in a Super Bowl commercial. He is very popular in Instagram, Twitter but specially Vine; he makes videos with his siblings Nash Grier and Skye Grier, who is a super cute 4-year old little girl. His brother Nash is even more famous than Hayes, so that was very surprising for me to see him there. So that caught my attention for sure, and there are two other girls with him at the beginning who are very pretty, but me being a girl, of course I am inclined to look for cute guys everywhere so when I saw it was him, it made it even cooler. As I’m sure guys look straight to the girls in commercials as well, without even thinking about it that much.

The most amazing thing about this commercial is that they combined almost all the current trends we see everything day on social media, television, and basically on the street. The mention it like their taco is bigger than all the trends like man buns, tinder, texas layer guy, drones, driver-less cars, mars’s landing, aliens, James Harden’s beard, base drop, hover boards, football (real futbol), the internet, bigger than memes and more. They went all out trying to capture all the most-talked about trends to imply that their cheese-stuffed Quesalupa is the next biggest thing compared to all of those. So every time they mention a “bigger than..” they had a celebrity breaking in half the taco to show all the gooey cheese coming out of it. I mean what else could we ask for? Cheese, celebrities, and amazing background inspiring music, I am in!

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