Valentines Day in America. Who is it really for?

By Shawn Presley

America is known for the need of celebration and recognition to anything from “Best Friend’s Day” to the granddaddy of them all “Christmas” (Arguably the most known holiday on the planet). However, Valentines day is one of the holidays the falls into a category in purgatory, there are not any clear or decisive measures on who we are suppose to express our love too and most importantly how to carry out that expression of love to that special somebody.

Now before we can accurately discuss how to carry out the expression of love, we first must make it known to whom is someone worthy of the expression of the love. Now one may argue it is to anyone you love, but in my opinion that’s just too vague. I mean there are hundreds of people I love, but which is one worthy of an expression of love.  The next may argue well it’s to anyone that’s special to you, I say that’s crap as well because many people are special for particular reasons in our loves. But for the sake of conversation lets just say its our significant other, it in essence segways into how to express it.

Some may argue this is predicated on the level of romanticism of the expression of love. However, I can be the most romantic man in the world but if I don’t have the finances than my act is somewhat hindered. I know money cant buy love but it sure does help, now before I purger myself as coming off as bitter; I would say Valentines day is special and gives the opportunity for love to be seen, heard, and felt on a multitude of spectrums. But why does it have to be so Vague!

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