7 Things We Wish To Have In College

1. Money. The stereotypical item most college students lack. We lack these because of trying to pay for necessities: school, apartment, food or car. Or we just spend our money on the wrong things: more food, concerts and stupid trinkets to show our friends.

2. A clue as to what we want to be. You come into college with a glimpse of what you might want your future to be. Then you finally switch majors for the third time, but is that really what you’re going to do everyday for the rest of your life?

3. More time. More time to study. More time to have fun. More time to develop into a mature person. These are the years that are catered to those things. Unfortunately they pass by so quickly.

4. Photographic memory. I envy those who attain this gift. How lovely would it be to have a photographic memory when studying for a cumulative exam consisting of 15 chapters and over 200 vocabulary terms?

5. Endless amount of battery life. Phone is dead by noon. Laptop shuts down and you’re praying that your 15-paged essay saved at some point. Especially since it’s due in three hours. Left your headlights on over night and you will be late to your final exam. Yes, we’ve all been in these situations, and… lets just not talk about it again.

6. The $1 billion idea. The idea that will have you financially stable after college, not to mention your great-great-great grandchildren.

7. A photographer. A person that follows us around, documenting every funny conversation or night out we have with our friends. This will also be helpful when losing personal items on those nights you can’t seem to remember.

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