Vladimir Putin Invading & Conquering The Peninsula of Crimea

The latest conflict that has starred the world news during these past weeks was the crisis of Crimea. The international diplomatic crisis that raised when Viktor Yanukovich, the ex-president of Ukraine, was brought down as a product of the Euromaidan protests in Kiev.

After the protests in the capital, where a considerable number of deaths and injured people were affected, the desire from one part of the nation to unite Ukraine with the European Union has collapsed with the pro-Russian Ukrainians’ desire to strengthen the country’s relationship with Russia.

With the arrival of the new president of Ukraine, the pro-Russians have taken the chance to start a fight for the peninsula of Crimea, which had been belonging to Ukraine for more than 60 years.  A few weeks ago the Autonomic Republic of Crimea announced a call that was going to be carried away with the goal to integrate Crimea to Russia through an official act. And as a way to reinforce this action, the Russian government ordered its troops to move forward Crimea to supposedly “maintain and provide security among the pro-Russians citizens” until the situation had taken a rest.

However, some countries and international organizations such as the United States or the European Union did not appreciate this decision, considering that what Vladimir Putin ordered was considered as violating International law rules and conducts. Therefore Russia was warned to be punished.

The past week, Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Konstantinov, the mayor of Sebastopol (capital of Crimea) signed the treaty, which ensured the state of Crimea as officially part of Russia.

The response of Ukraine was to back down its troops that were in Crimea in order to cease the territory to Russia, which was ordered by the new Ukrainian president in order to avoid a bath of blood.

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