A deep gash from the ocean leads a man to uncover a cancerous tumor

Eugene Finney along with his two kids and girl friend were at Huntington Beach to visit his parents in July. They arrived at the beach in the morning and Temple, 10 asked her dad to go for a swim. Eugene and Temple went out 100 yards from the shore. A large wave caused Eugene to dive under to break the wave with Temple, where he was hit. “I was hit in the back hard. Really hard. I’ve never been hit that hard in my life” Eugene shared. When Eugene and Temple reached the shore, they had discovered a large gash on the upper part of his back. His girlfriend, Emeline McKeown and son Turner, 6 stated they saw fins around the area where they had been swimming. They assumed that it was a possible shark attack due to the many sighting of great white sharks in the area.

When Finney return to Massachusetts, he complained that he was having trouble sleeping and chest pains. Finney went to the St.Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Brighton where they found inflammation around his heart. They examined his injury and found a walnut sized tumor on his right kidney. Finney had surgery in September by Dr. Ingolf Tuerk and the tumor was removed as well as twenty percent of his kidney. Tuerk stated that if the tumor was not discovered as early as it was, it would have grown over the next few years and would not be as successful to remove.




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