AT&T Now Offers Free Wi-Fi Calls

If you are an AT&T user, and you have an iPhone 6 or 6s, you can now make phone calls using only your Wi-Fi connection.

The Call-through-WiFi feature allows your phone to automatically change its connection to WI-Fi in order to make phone calls during those times when your receptions isn’t good enough, or it’s just not available. Your text messages will also be sent through those networks. No need for a Log In or for you to download an app, as long as your iPhone is updated to iOS 9. You do need to activate the Wi-Fi calls on your “Phone Settings”.

There is no charge to use this feature, although these phone calls are not free if you are calling outside the United States or Puerto Rico. AT&T is not leading the game necessarily, given the fact that T-Mobile and Sprint already started offering this feature a couple years ago, including free Wi-Fi calls for other Android phones, not just those made between iPhones. Great news for AT&T customers though! For example, T-mobile offers this service to 19 phone models, and almost all of the Sprint Android smart phones also offer it.

In other iPhone related news, the ‘6s’ model of the Apple phone has reported a slower uptake compared to last year’s iPhone 6 models. Chuck Jones, a contributor for Forbes Magazine reported this week the following: “Apple has a larger install base this will help mitigate a slower uptake. […] One factor to take into account is that Fiksu’s and Localytic’s don’t capture all the iPhones in usage especially in foreign markets. While they may not correctly capture Apple’s actual sales I do believe they give a decent indication of iPhone trends.” These reports reflect the possible decline of the Apple fans’ satisfaction towards the brand and its products.

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