A Look at Adoption, Parenthood and The Many Things We Take for Granted in Life

A poster from a company offering adoption as an alternative for someone expecting an undesired child caught my attention last week. The poster read it: “Take Control and Choose a Loving Financially Secure Family for Your Child”. This was one of the offerings among others, such as pictures of the family, counseling, and living and medical expenses.

For a moment I thought about everything a family could give to a child to make him or her feel secure; those are things that at one point in life any person could take for granted, but things most parents have provided for us. These things include love, time, care, food, clothing, a place to live, recreation, transportation, a good education, sports activities and the guidance to follow the best path of moral or religious values. This is just a small portion of what good parents do for their children.

It is nice to remember everything our parents have done for us. It does not matter how old we are and how old our parents are; we need to be thankful for the sacrifice they did at any point in life.

On the other hand, I cannot imagine how hard the decision for a mother to give away his/her child is, and all the traumas this may cause in her life; but at the same time is good that there are families ready to take the role of loving parents for those undesired babies. Not only are these children provided with love, but they also have their basic and medical needs covered.

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