Can Charlie and Teddy Lead Louisville to the Promise Land?

Who will be the 2013 national champion?  It is obviously very early and you can’t really tell much after opening weekend, but I have to go with the University of Louisville.  There are three reasons why I think Louisville has a legitimate chance to be crowned national champion.

The first reason is their strength of schedule.  It is not a very hard schedule.  They play teams like Kentucky and South Florida.  Their hardest game this season could possibly be against the University of Central Florida on ESPN in October.  The schedules the SEC and ACC teams face are too daunting.  A bunch of favorites in the SEC could wind up with two losses.  Which would be perfect for Louisville.  If they can manage to run through this schedule I believe they will be playing in the National Championship.

The second reason is their coaching staff.  The coaching staff is headed by Charlie Strong.  A great defensive mind and tremendous recruiter.  He has ability to take this Louisville team to places it has never seen before.  He has built a solid foundation with top recruits and has given Louisville the talent they have been missing.

The last reason is a play named Teddy Bridgewater.  He is the best QB in college football and it is my belief that if you have the best QB in college football you should at least be in the running for national champion.  Bridgewater is going to be the first pick in the NFL draft this year and it is his chance to prove that he is the best in college.  If the opening weekend of college football was any indication, it seems Bridgewater is going to have a Heisman type of season.

These three reasons are why I think Louisville will be the favorite to win the National Championship.  The pieces are in place and it is time for Charlie Strong and Teddy Bridgewater to show that Louisville is an elite team.



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