A New Service Called ‘The Breakup Shop’ Will End Your Relationship

If Tinder has ruined the dating culture, ‘The Breakup Shop’ may change the way people end bad relationships forever starting with a minimum fee of $10. The site launched on November 8th, and customers are using various services to help end their relationship.

It’s a flip to dating sites; instead of cashing in on starting relationships, this site makes money off of people who want to end them. Twitter users are already criticizing and questioning the morality of the creators whom came up with the idea to make money off of other’s heartbreak. It may seem a bit heartless to hire someone to end your relationship, but it adds to the long list of services available on the Internet that make the not so easy life tasks a bit easier.

From customized texts and phone calls, to gifts to help cop with the loss. You can spend over $80 on gifts using The Breakup Shop if you want to be kind to your ex lover. The gift box of goodies consists of items like Netflix gift cards, cookies, and even video games like Call of Duty.

If you want to be less giving, The Break Up Shop can also use the app Snap Chat to send a photo or video with a short message explaining that the relationship is over. Most relationships fail rather than succeed, so why not help those who have trouble walking away? If the site becomes successful The Breakup Shop may have some competitors in the near future.

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