Dozens killed in Myanmar following landslide in mine

Roughly 100 people have died after a massive landslide in a jade mining area, while many more people remain missing.

The incident is being called one of the deadliest events in the country’s history.

Many of those killed have yet to be identified, but are believed to be primarily miners, according to Yahoo News.

The landslide happened near the war-torn Kachin state community of Hpakant. It crushed hundreds of shanty huts that housed an undetermined number of people.

The disaster was reportedly very brief, lasting only a couple of minutes overnight around 3:30 a.m. local time on Saturday.

Zaw Moe Htet lives in a village nearby the impacted location and told the AFP he knew immediately that the landslide was devastating.

“Even people living in villages further away could hear the cries of those who rushed to the scene,” he said.

Burmese media reported that homes at the base of the mine-waste dump were flattened.

Search crews spent the weekend coming through the area for any survivors. Video reportedly shows rescue crews hauling blanket covered bodies away from the scene as crowds of locals look on.

Many of the injured and killed are believed to be migrant workers, causing officials to have a tougher time making identifications.

The mining there is part of a major operation that yields jade. The translucent, green jewel sells for high prices in nearby China.

Some of the supposed miners impacted by the landslide are believed to be people looking for leftover jade scraps.

The death tolls has continued to rise as rescue crews find more bodies.


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