A University of Central Florida Student Assaulted and Robbed at Gunpoint Walking Home from Knight’s Pub

Two students were jumped walking home from Knight’s Pub, just behind Sterling Central. The victim said it happened in the middle of Aristotle Avenue, the road right next to Sterling Central. Two students were walking back to the Phi Delta Theta house from Knight’s Pub when they were approached from the right by four individuals.
One of the victims, UCF student Josiah Devine, described the event as he remembered it happening, stating that he heard the approaching four individuals talking towards himself and his friend, until one of them cocked a pistol while approaching them, and aimed it two feet from his friend’s face. Then the gunman proceeded to hit the student across the face with his pistol, as the other three attacked Devine. As the students were on the ground, the assaulters took their wallets and one of their cell phones, then ran the opposite direction. Josiah Devine was driven to the hospital shortly after the incident, requiring stitches. He described the aggressors as four males, around 6′ 1″ tall, the gunman being white with brown hair, and the other three as African-American males around 6′ 0″ tall.


Orlando in my opinion is a pretty sketchy area. I live on the back streets behind where this happened near the frat houses. I would not walk these streets at night because I am a female and I can’t really defend myself like that. If I had no other option than to walk, I would walk along Alafaya if i was heading to the frat houses. The main goal is to have protection so if you bring something like pepper spray then it will probably help you in a situation like that. I really urge individual to be safe while walking at night. It’s always better to get a ride to your destination than risk your safety.

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