Spring Break Culture: The desire for escape can lead to both terrible and amazing things

The week is upon us UCF students to take a break form our studies and go out into the world and drink it’s fine spirits. By drink, I mean get blacked out drunk and do stuff you would never normally do that ends up on Facebook to haunt you for the rest of your life. Spring break is viewed in our popular culture as seven days of debauchery that all students must partake in to achieve that sought after ‘college experience’.

What’s interesting is the pattern that the student body seems to follow. People go to exotic places (exotic to them anyway) and try to experience that type of life, not realizing that that very party culture is changing the experience that the students would have were they not to go to these places. Daytona Beach for example is known as a popular party spot. Every spring break the city is overtaken by these people who have little respect for the people and culture that already exist there, which actually diminishes the experience for them.

On the other hand, spring break offers a plethora of experiences and opportunities to have them by freeing students of their weekly responsibilities and allowing them blow off the built up steam they have from rigid deadlines and all-nighters. While they do desire some time to decompress, this desire to do so can be detrimental to the students and damage their college careers and lives, either socially or physically. So, I say to the student body out there living it up, have fun, but make good decisions.

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