Actor Charlie Sheen Reveals He Is HIV Positive

Actor Charlie Sheen wanted to address all the rumors of his health status head on and went to the TODAY show to reveal to the world that he is in fact HIV positive. Sheen wanted to put a stop to the slaughter of attacks he was facing and decided to finally come out and admit that he has the HIV virus. Charlie was diagnosed with HIV in 2011 and has been living with this secret for about four years. The actor says it all started with these series of severe migraine headaches and profuse sweat while he was sleeping, to the point where the bed was drenched with sweat; at the beginning he thought it was a brain tumor, but to his surprise it was something completely different.

Moreover, after doctors ran a series of tests on the actor, they gave him the unfortunate news. Mr. Sheen says H.I.V are three hard letters to absorb and caused him to enter a deep depression; furthermore, to add more negativity to his situation he also had to deal with being a victim of betrayal and extortion. Many individuals that knew about Charlie Sheen’s health condition that were in his close circle of friends demanded money from the actor to stay silent, to the point where the monetary compensation began to reach the millions.

After revealing such a personal announcement, Charlie Sheen has taken a huge weight off his shoulders and is no longer planning to pay individuals for silence; he also wants people to know that he has been very careful not to transmit the virus, and the stigma that has always surrounded the virus is no longer as bad as it use to be. Sheen is now looking to move forward with his life and says the virus will not hinder him from enjoying a beautiful life that lies ahead.

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