Actor Mickey Rourke Dies at the Age of 93

Actor Mickey Rourke died at the age of 93 on Sunday. He will be remembered as the actor who received fame as a youth from the 1930s and 1940s. In a year he made 150,000, which was unusual for youth actors at that time.

Mickey Rourke is an actor who was always keeping busy with his career as an actor. I remember seeing him as a child actor starring in roles that were very amusing. But even as he got older, he continued to perform well in other films, such as the Disney Channel Original film “The Phantom of the Megaplex”. Mickey Rourke can be looked as an entertainer who started young, and never quitted. Throughout watching television shows and movies, I have seen child actors and actresses begin their career, but soon fall into a level of an ending career. This can be caused by bad decisions, such as drug use, which can eventually lead to the trouble of finding contracts to sign.

Another interesting fact about Rourke was dealing with his height. He stood at 5 feet 2 inches. Many stars can be considered outsized, but not really undersized. Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, and Paul Muni were also stars that were considered having a small size appearance.

What I liked about Mickey Rourke was that he played down to earth roles. This included being a quiet man that lived in Connecticut who takes care of his family. He was not that actor that constantly played the hero who takes down the vigilante of a film.

Maybe other young actors and actresses will use him as a role model to stay on a clear path of acting in the movie industry.

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