Opinion: Johnny Manziel will succeed in the NFL. What do you think?

When people set goals for themselves, he/she has to realize that there are going to be people out in the world who will discourage you and talk negative about you no matter what. In other words, we call these people “haters”. Johnny Manziel aka “Johnny Football” is your typical 21 year old college kid from Tyler, Texas who enjoys having fun, smiling, and playing football. Manziel was a three star recruit and broke several South Eastern Conference records when he started as a red shirt freshman under Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin’s Air Raid Offense. So, my question is, Why do people think he won’t succeed and last in the NFL?

Is it because of his height? Is it because of his weight? Take a look at Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Wilson is 5’11, 206 pounds, and won the Superbowl in Feburary. Check this out, Russell Wilson was only in his fourth year!!! Wilson’s hard work ethic, positive attitude, and his accuracy is why he’s succeeding in the NFL.

Johnny Manziel is no different. Manziel is undersized but he has a strong arm and is a winner. Who wouldn’t want a guy like that on their team? As much as people Manziel, he’s using the negativity as motivation. Yes, Johnny Manziel has some weaknesses, but he’s going to shine in the NFL because of his will to win.

In my opinion, it would be a huge loss for any team that doesn’t draft Manziel. Manziel reminds me of Tim Tebow. Tebow had a winning attitude, and he always produced on the field. That’s the same thing Manziel does. The NFL game is a lot faster and the players are smarter, but I’m positive Johnny Manziel will do just fine.

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