Adulthood vs Poor Judgement: Miley Cyrus Wrecks Child Stardom

Miley Cyrus, a former Disney Channel Child star, has officially declared that she is no longer a child. Many celebrities declare their adulthood by getting their own edgy television show, playing an older role in a new movie or proclaiming their independence in a new hit song. However, as tempting as these options may be, Cyrus recently found that swinging naked on a wrecking ball and dancing inappropriately in nude undergarments on the VMAS were her ideal solutions.  A majority of yesterday’s child stars choose not only to escape from their youth, but shock today’s public in doing so. They carelessly take the risk to make a potentially devastating impression on their entire audience. When it comes to escaping child stardom, are celebrities making poor impressions instead of steps toward adulthood?

As functioning adults, we value the ability to escape the hardship of our days by taking a mental vacation into today’s world of entertainment. Quality is not necessarily a necessity as we gravitate toward what we enjoy best. We all have our favorites, adoring specific individuals with greater power, influence and talent than we have. Discovering these individuals in adulthood provides mere entertainment. Children have a greater likelihood to conform to the nature of their idols. Miley Cyrus, though no longer a child, has stared in a vast variety’s of children’s programming.  Following her picture perfect image of the past, young followers are simultaneously discovering her present day imperfections. Although it is important to learn that “Nobody’s Perfect”, Cyrus is presently teaching her young fans the faulty message that with imperfection comes disaster.

Making an outrageous statement may serve as a temporary transition, but the impact of her extreme actions have the ability to permanently mislead adoring fans of all ages. Celebrities such as Cyrus feed off of today’s media as it strives to shine an inappropriately placed light on these poor role models.  Miley Cyrus has not only broken into a new image but shattered the actual reality of adulthood for a great deal of young fans. Though her lyrics are “mature” and impactful, adulthood is far more complex than swinging naked on a wrecking ball.

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