New Smart Watches are Coming

New technology continues to introduce it self in our global markets for consumers to purchase and own. The latest trend that seems to be developing is making wearable technology fashionable for the modern consumer. Companies such as Samsung and Apple have been developing them and are gearing up to showcase their latest idea for a popular trend, the smart watch. Similar to the smart phone we have today, the watch will have Internet, phone and other capabilities, which will most definitely set it apart from any kind of watch that is being worn today.

When one thinks of smart technology they primarily envision Apple, the revolutionary company that put smart technology on the map while also making it fashionable. The most alluring aspect of this technology is its easiness of use. The smart watch will fall into this category perfectly. This will not only continue the popular trend of smart technology but it will push the boundary of what we can use and how we use it.

This fad will most likely not stop at watches. Google glass is a large contributor to the new “wearable” smart technology. It’s new product, Google Glass is making a name for itself. These are glasses that portray an interactive display, which shows anything from gas prices at a gas station you are looking at, to better deals on a product you may be looking at.

The sudden rise of this technology is a symbol to our generations growing interest in advancement of easy to use technology. The generations below us are growing up in a world in which they will have a smart device from the time they can hold it. The question is, what’s next?

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