My Passion for Music and Dancing

         When I listen to certain songs on the radio or in my playlist, I can’t help but to be driven to another world. Sometimes I feel it’s because I’m a hopeless romantic, other times I feel it is because I am 80% insane, and others because I am 100% passionate. The beats, the voices, the instruments. I cannot imagine a world without music. A world without music would be like a world without color. I’ve heard that constant singing actually adds years to your life…it looks as if I am going to be here for a good while then.

       The reason that I am writing this is because I went dancing last night. The constant sounds of Bachata, Salsa, and Mergengue tunes were entering my ears and running straight to my heart. Dancing Spanish music has to be one of the funnest past times for me. It reminds me of where I came from, my Latin hertitage and I always have a blast dancing. Every partner you chose to dance with has a different rhyme, a different way of dancing. It is as if you are living a brief love story with one person, completely devoted to them, following their every step, laughing and spinning. Then, next! and another love story begins.

         Everything you have or had on your mind is gone until the end of the song. You don’t even have to really know every move, just feeling the music will guide you through it. I could dance all night long if given the chance. Every lyric is my back bone, the rhythm is my heart and the night is always mine for the taking. If i could ever imagine a perfect life, it would be a life with automatic background music for every emotion you coulf feel. For now, it’s back to reality, until the next night I am taken away by music.

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