The Infamy of TV Show Copycats

Oxygen’s Snapped has sparked an entirely new brand of insanity. The show chronicles a different woman each week. Going along with the show’s title, the women all “snap” and kill their significant others, friends, lovers, lovers significant others, and the list goes on.
Most of the episodes follow the stories of murder from years past. But recently, a new woman has made headlines following her psychotic break and murder of her husband. Jordan Linn Graham pushed her newlywed husband off a cliff July 7 in Glacier National Park; he fell face first to his death. Cody Lee Johnson and Jordan Linn Graham had only been married for 8 days when the incident occurred. Graham claims that the couple had been arguing, she went to leave, Johnson grabbed her arm, and out of pure anger she took both of her hands and pushed him in his back and watched him fall to his death. She allegedly changed her story to the police two or three times before her subsequent arrest in the murder investigation.
Following the Snapped storyline, Graham pled not guilty at arraignment and was released on her own recognizance. Although there are disclaimers all over television nowadays saying things like, based on a true story, don’t try this at home, we do not open any video submissions so don’t send any, and the like, people are still taking ideas from every show they watch. Such is the case with Graham. It is almost promised that she will pop up in an episode of Snapped, which is rewarding her for her misbehavior. There is a law that says you cannot get money off of a crime you commit, but getting fame from it is almost better.

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