After being open for 39 years Wet N Wild will be closing down this year but something new will be replacing it…

There has been a lot of talk about if they will really close down this water park and sadly it is true. Wet N Wild has been open since 1977 in Orlando Florida and many people across the world have traveled to experience the theme park. I myself have been to Wet N Wild and I have truly enjoyed it. Even though I cannot swim I had a very fun and safe time while i was there. With 30 acres of water and more then 17 water slides and more then enough lifeguards on the clock to keep us safe why would the park be closing down? The reason is because of the sales, for the past few years Wet N Wild has seen a lose of ticket sales compared to what they use to be. Could it be because people are getting tired of the old theme park? When you compare Wet N Wild to Islands of Adventure you see that Island of Adventure always has a new attraction every now and then. People love to see and enjoy new things. Customers get tired of paying the same high price for the same exact thing every year. Something has to change!

The people have spoken and the owners have listen. They are creating a brand new water theme park around the same location and they are calling it Volcano Bay, what they are doing with the original Wet N Wild location is still a mystery but this new water park will bring a lot of old and new customers back, including myself. Hopefully this new water park will meet or exceed everyone expectation and also this new theme park stay consistent and learn from previous mistakes.

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